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Checking that your choice is right for you


At this stage, you may well be in a position to open a demo account with a small number of brokers. As you may also have found that no one broker can satisfy all of your requirements, then it makes sense to try out demo accounts with at least two of them. You will be able to compare the different trading platforms and potential profits. Keep in mind that a demo account may not be quite as good as a real account in terms of reliability, slippage and rapidity. However, you should get a good feel for the quality of the offering.


When you’re satisfied with events on the demo account, you can opt for a live account and begin to apply your trading plan to the real world. Remember that for both demo and live accounts, you can still check with information from other sources, in particular with different price feeds, to validate the integrity of the broker and the broker’s platform.


Finally, you should always have the possibility to change brokers if you want or if circumstances warrant it. For example, if you were already dealing with a broker before reading this guide, and you come to the conclusion that your choice was not good enough, then consider making a change.