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Trading At Your Fingertips

2011-03-24 10:53:09

The long-awaited apps for mobile trading are now available: you can virtually have trading in your pocket or at your fingertips with the UWC iTrader, aTrader and bTrader.

The ability to start and end trading transactions from any mobile device does not only save much time, but it also brings profit while you are on the move. Another huge advantage of mobile trading, apart from the flexibility and ease of conducting trades, is the range of personalized services accessible anywhere and anytime.

UWCFX has launched its brand new series of apps for mobile trading, which brings the world of forex and commodities closer to traders than ever before. The recently launched UWC iTrader is the first of the mobile apps that UWCFX clients can use to download and install Metatrader 4 to their mobile devices and conduct trades without even switching on their PCs.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, the UWC iTrader enables our trading account holders to conduct trades with ease wherever they are. To make the range of mobile trading opportunities even broader, the UWC aTrader for Android-based smartphones and the UWC bTrader for Blackberry are also available for our clients.

The main features of these mobile trading applications are promising enough for ever trader to try them out. To only name a few, clients can monitor updating prices for financial instruments and create their own watch list; instant and market orders can be opened and closed; news and economic calendar data can be followed up online; chart creation and activity reports are available, and much more.

We also recommend our UWC Trader apps to all demo account users who feel that the time has come for switching to a real account and starting to trade with Metatrader 4 as easily and comfortably as imaginable.