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Home category Traders’ Marathon at LiteForex: new start every month
Traders’ Marathon at LiteForex: new start every month

2011-04-01 12:02:48


On the Xmas Eve LiteForex group of companies realized Christmas Marathon which was a great success and showed how much passion for better results and healthy competitiveness spirit our clients had.

We have decided that it is necessary to carry out such contests for the company clients on a regular basis. That is why we announce the start of a new monthly contest –“Traders’ Marathon” which will be the perfect motivation for both regular and new clients of LiteForex for new financial peaks exploration. High results of the contest winners will be naturally rewarded with money prizes as well. The general prize fund of each stage of the “Traders’ Marathon” contest will equal $5600!

LITEForex, REALForex and Floating Spread trading accounts holders are welcome to take part in the “Traders’ Marathon”. 20 participants with the highest results of profitability in certain trading accounts categories will be declared as the finalists.