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DailyFX.com Releases Top Forex Trading Ideas for the year 2011

2011-01-27 11:11:20
Daily FX, the free news and research Web site of leading Forex FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM), has released two significant articles that give Forex traders some ideas for trading in the new year. The first article Top Forex Trading Ideas for the year 2011 and the second article titled Top Trading Mistakes of 2010 go over trading picks for 2011 from our analysts, and the lessons learned from 2010.
Will the US Dollar Make a Comeback in the year 2011?
Daily FX Analyst John Kick lighter feels a US Dollar rally is likely in 2011. “The Euro-zone and the UK have been making efforts to stabilize their markets throughout 2010. However, the application of austerity measures to already weak members of the Euro-zone will likely push these economies deeper into recession, resulting in declines in both the Euro and British Pound, and boosting up the US dollar. Naturally, investors will seek liquidity; but they will also look for support. They will find it in the US dollar” said John Kick lighter, Senior Currency Strategist at DailyFX.com.
Do the Charts signal a US Dollar Rally?
Daily FX senior technical strategist, Jamie Saettele, agrees that the US Dollar will make a rally against certain pairs. He finds the best trading ideas the ones that aren’t yet attached to a story. Looking at the charts for USD against AUD, NZD and JPY, Jamie sees evidence that suggests 2011 will be a year of reversals. Jamie says that, “What performed best in 2010, will probably underperform in 2011.”
To read more on what went wrong in the year of 2010, and what could work in 2011, read the articles, Top Trading Mistakes of 2010 and Top Forex Trading Ideas for 2011.
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