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16 February 2011

the piston

Written by hua003
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the piston
Piston check valve piston check valve is the rely on geomembrane waterproof extrusion line the flow of the medium itself automatically open and close the skf bearing valve, the valve is used to prevent the media back, also known as check pigment red 2 valve, check valve, reflux valve, and back pressure valve. Check Valve is an automatic pigment yellow 174 valve, and its main role electric meter is to prevent the media back, to prevent reverse pump and drive motor, and surge protective device discharge the container media. Check the pressure of which y strainer can also be used to exceed the system pressure may rise to playground equipment the auxiliary system supplies the pipeline. Check valve can be divided into film blowing machine swing check valve (center of gravity designer sunglasses by rotation) and lift check valves (along the axis of movement).
The role of this type of valve is wooden cabinet only allowing media to flow in one direction. and stop the flow forged steel globe valve direction. Usually indoor soft playground the valve is automatically work in toy manufacturer a direction of flow of fluid under pressure, the valve flap pet collar to open; fluid flow the opposite direction from the fluid pressure and valve disc from the coincidence of reading eyewear the role of the valve seat to cut off the flow. One female check valve alloy pipe butterfly valve turbine flow meter belongs to this type of valve flexo printing machine which includes swing check valves and lift check valves. Swing cigarette holder Check Valve with ordinary hinge, there is a door the same as the free flap valve against the seat tilted surface. In order pigment yellow 74 to ensure that the flap valve seat face every time to reach a suitable position, the valve flap design in moncler coats the hinge so that the valve flap is enough to swing space, and make a real disc, comprehensive and valve seat.
Valve can all be made stainless steel sheet of metal, metal can also be pigment yellow 1 embedded in the leather, rubber, or synthetic cover, depending on performance requirements pigment yellow 74 Swing check valve in the fully open position, the fluid pressure is almost unimpeded, so the pressure drop through the valve is relatively temperature controller small. Lift check valve on the valve seat is located in the sealing surface. Addition to this valve disc is free to lift, the other pressure reducing valve part of the same as the cut-off valve, the fluid pressure valve lift from the seat sealing surface, medium return valve flap led to bellow sealed valve a seat on, and cut off the flow. According to terms of use, the valve flap can be all metal construction, it can be rack mounted in the valve push button rubber mat or rubber ring form. As the cut-off valves, fluid channels through the lift thyristor diode module valve is narrow, so that through the knife gate valve lift valve pressure drop than the swing check valve a little bigger, and swing check butterfly valve valves for flow children playground restrictions very little. A, structure and installation plug valve of piston-type check valve steam trap piston check valve cylindrical valve coils, around the seat slip rings shaft rotates the channel discount handbags because the valve channel into a streamlined, flow resistance ratio rose butterfly check mbt shoes clearance valve, suitable for low flow and flow changes in large-caliber seldom occasions, but not for the pulsating flow.
the sealing performance is less than lift. Butterfly hydraulic pump valve sub unicuspid type, double valve type and most of type three, three by the valve diameter to form the main pallet wrapping machine points, intended to prevent the media to stop the flow, or there are - some do not apply to the swiss mens watches pump outlet check valve is installed, such as the end of the valve, spring-, Y-type check valve, etc..