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16 February 2011

the api

Written by hua003
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the api
Christmas Tree api 6a slab gate valve is a flat valve, t ubing head and abercrombie and fitch t-shirts casing head device, manifold and dc ac inverter other major components, is one of the main products of roller bearing our factory, at home and abroad in pigment red 81 recent years, drawing our plant technology, absorbing, conducted a number pigment orange 13 of flat valve Updated design, the product structure, material mechanical fuel pump selection, manufacturing and inspectio n aspects of residual current circuit breaker the implementation rotary switch of API 6A standard. The working pressure levels reading glasses up to 10000PSI, sub-adjustable throttle throttle throttle dining chair and two types of fixed, adjustable kids playground equipment flow Driven by hand wheel valve stem to kids rock climbing adjust the section of advance and retreat area the size of film blowing machine the nozzle opening, to pneumatic ball valve control, regulate production purposes.
fixed throttle through the lighter manufacturer replacement of nozzle size to cheap jackets achieve control, the purpose of regulating production. 1, applies to natural nhl shop petroleum, chemical pipelines, air defense systems 304 stainless steel sheet such as opening and closing of natural gas bronze lion wellhead equipment. 2, the flat gate valve with diversion pigment red 112 hole all the advantages. 3, the valve seal to seal (alloy surface pigment yellow 13 resistant to erosion, the use of automatic pressure upstream and downstream of the grease seal secondary seal can also vacuum packaging machine be added from outside the valve seal fat.
4, hard sealing surface by lapping, reliable fan heater sealing and long service life. 5, all of the sulfu y type strainer r valve design. 6, with a balancing pole and without din check valve a balancing pole, the operating torque is small. PFF flat gate butterfly valve valve body material (see the API digital panel meter standard production details) PFF flat gate valve, valve photoelectric sensor seat material (see the API standard production details) PFF plate valve stem material outdoor swing (see the API forged valve standard production details) PFF plate valve electric valves material requirements level (see rubber mat the API standard production details) PFF flat gate valve rated playground surface temperature (see API standard production details) PFF plate valve seal ring acceptance pigment red 57:1 criteria (see the API standard production details) Body, cover, and outlet end prada sneakers of the performance requirements of API wholesale abercrombie fitch standard materials (refer to API standard production details) Fourth, factory production alnico magnet specification and pressure range: (1). ZPFF series (DN52 to nike running shoes DN160, PN35Mpa to PN140Mpa) (2). KZPFF type of ultra-high sulfur hex bolt flat valve (PFFDN52 to DN160, PN35Mp to PN140Mpa) State: the need for higher pressure and piston pump diameter can be ordered. Fifth, the main performance specifications freestanding bathtubs (see API6A standard, flat gate valve pressure test specification.