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Home category The "New Russian Roulette" futures trading
The "New Russian Roulette" futures trading

The "New Russian Roulette" futures trading

10:00 to 10:00 January 19th to 20th .The competition "new Russian roulette" has been improved for traders and there is a opportunity to become a winner earning an amount of virtual money in the process of futures trading in metals: HG, GC, PA, PL, SI, ALUM, COPP, GOLD, LEAD, NICK, ZINC.
Top ten participants of the contest with the highest deposits will be announced as winners and they will be granted a cashable bonus equivalent to $1000, $500, $300 as well as there will be seven prizes equal to $100 each.
Before the contest starts you will have a chance to get ready for it and review detailed information regarding securities to be traded with contracts specifications. You can study various fundamental factors that may affect securities price changes.
Traditionally this contest will be posted on-line and hence all information about the contest participants who are trading and their results will encourage your will and raise your adrenaline level.
Broco forum can be used to share your opinion and discuss everything that is happening during the contest.
The "New Russian Roulette" contest is available for everyone!