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Call rate


The overnight interest rate between banks.


Candlestick patterns


Also known as Japanese Candlestick patterns, these patterns appear on charts showing the change in exchange rate for a currency. Each ‚Äúcandlestick‚ÄĚ shows the lowest price and highest price for an exchange rate as well as the overall trend, within a certain interval of the overall trading period.


Carry trade


Where traders sell a currency with a low central banking interest rate to buy a currency with a high central banking interest rate and make money on the interest rate difference.

Cash Market


Also known as a spot market, commodities (in this case currencies) are bought and sold for cash, with immediate delivery.


Convertible Currency


Any currency that can be bought or sold freely on the foreign exchange market without having to get authorization from any official or government entity.

Cross Rate


A currency quote which does not involve the US dollar. For example, JPY/EUR.

Currency Pair


Any pair of currencies that can be traded one for the other, such as GBP/USD.

Currency Swap


More common between banks or central banks, this is a transaction where specific amounts of different currencies are exchanged, and interest on each amount is paid back to the original holder of that currency.