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The mission of Forex-Founders is to provide the most current and pertinent information on the Foreign Exchange market, as well as facilitate market success by supplying tools which analyze and educate Foreign Exchange market participants. Our goal is to create a reliable central hub for Forex information, that is extremely reliable and trustworthy.


Forex-Founders is a dynamic and innovative hub for Foreign Exchange Brokers, Traders, and Researchers. Our cutting-edge product distinguishes itself from other resources by providing state of the art information, which includes a plethora of data including our original broker-rating list. We also provide:

Our market experts provide analysis of news and comprehensive articles on the Foreign Exchange markets that make finding market information simple and effective.

One of the most profound and innovative items found on this site is the broker ratings, which are updated weekly. Clients can trust that the information provided is completely reliable, thus ensuring that traders can make informative decision on the brokers that they decide to use. They can see which brokers meet requirements and check on the rates of their current brokers. The founders of ForexFounders.com work closely with the brokers themselves to generate ratings, making certain the information is both comprehensive and accurate.

Forexfounders offer the current rank of all Forex brokers in the market based on their Alexa traffic rank. Almost all other ratings are based on subjective criteria, which could include fee-based advertisement as an incentive. The Alexa traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources, and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). This makes the Forex-Founders system objective and impervious to manipulation.

Our in house experts provide brokers and traders with comprehensive fundamental news and technical analysis, which generate comprehensive trading information. The real-time up to the minute exchange rates and upcoming events is the key to success within the Trillion dollars a day, currency market.

Our regulatory and organizational lists provide information that discusses specific barriers to trading within different countries worldwide. All the information that a trader or broker would need to know about transacting currencies, is located in one easy to use directory.

Forexfounders.com, was founded by Mohamed Mamdouh Mostafa who is also the CEO of the company. Prior to creating ForexFounders, Mostafa served four years as marketing manager for one of the most successful Forex brokers in the currency trade. Mostafa envisioned a means of offering brokers access to his industry experience in addition to providing a repository for valuable resources, including the first truly accurate Forex broker ratings list.

The ForexFounders web site attacks the issue that Time is Money. Rather than spending hours looking for data that may or may not be accurate, foreign exchange market traders and brokers globally can take advantage of forexfounders.com to find reliable data and tools. This includes forex articles, Central Bank news, and upcoming events, forex market conditions and forecasts, clear, accurate brokers’ ratings, a forex brokers list and regulatory organizations list, real-time exchange rates, technical analysis, and trading tools.

Our website has been created to generate an experience that is the best within the industry. Information is easily accessible, and our original content will allow you to save time and money when trading and analyzing the Forex market.



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